Estate, 12 Bedrooms + Sleeping Porch, 8 Baths, (Sleeps up to 60 with agreement)

SPECIAL NOTICE: On rare occasions we will will book one of our new waterfront Guest Suites on the lower Floor of our main Giant Vacation Rental. If this is the case you will still have most of the home available. However there will be guest using the common areas but not the pontoon boat. Or you can work with us for booking the entire estate. Most of our guest book the entire estate and we then will not book the guest suites. They will be yours alone if you book the entire home. This year will be the best prices ever offered for off season. DONT MISS OUR Off season Customer Appreciation Event . You have made us # 1 in the industry and we thank you for that. Book ASAP for that special Date.

You have just found a great idea for your family reunion, Corp retreat or your growing Bucket List. Picture this, your having coffee on one of our big decks over looking The Beautiful Rainbow River, ( Our spectacular Water Front vacation home is the largest split level 5 story 12 room 8 bathroom Vacation Home for hundreds of miles.) ( We are without question the only home on the entire Rainbow River that is actually designed for very large family's or corporate groups) with 5 star reviews. If you want comfort with plenty of room to cook, eat and spread out, If you want great beds Bathrooms and sitting areas with great waterfront views for all and you want to be really comfortable then give us a try. Most of our Clients are repeats. Read below and see why most of our clients have been coming here for many years.

Imagine your lounging on our big second story deck with your family and friends, your observing the beautiful Rainbow River and listening to nature at it's finest. Or your drinking your morning coffee sitting in our new Balcony Café area that has the best views of the River. You see a big oak bonfire near the shoreline and the smoky mist gently drifts your way reviving memories of the good days gone by. You see that your family and friends are bonding and getting along in ways you don't get to see as often as you would like, some kids are snorkeling, and some are swimming in one of the Clearest Cleanest Rivers in the World. Some kids are cooking marshmallows on the open pit bonfire and they are swinging on the rope swing having a ball. There is happy laughter all around Why? While raising 8 children on the river we learned what Families need to have the best most comfortable Vacation home anywhere. You will hear family members in our big professional fully equipped kitchen cooking and getting ready for a long overdue family dinner. It's a family feast and everyone is enjoying being under one roof together with plenty of space to spread out. You will see some of the fathers and mothers launching the big free pontoon boat, they are headed up river taking the kids with their masks, fins, snorkels and tubes for an up river adventure to remember..

No worries, no stress just happy thoughts and a lifetime of good memories for all that you have invited. You and your guest are in a loving, harmonious place and we the owners are nearby ready to help in any way we can if needed. Our Rainbow River is the clearest, cleanest, free flowing river in the world, with a several hundred thousand tubers, snorkelers and explorers gently floating by every year. There is just nothing like watching the kids, young and old swinging on our rope swing or hunting for dinosaur bones right off our own crystal clear shore. See your family launch their paddle boards and kayaks for an adventure up river. We have found Mastodon teeth and tusks, giant prehistoric shark teeth and human molars from our long gone distant relatives and they even found a T Rex tooth near by. Our Vacation Home is like no other in the world, just read our absolutely cherished 5 star reviews and you will see why our home has brought so many wonderful memories to so many great families that have been coming here for years..

PRICES: Are normally based on 10 guest with each addition guest above 10 guest Starting at $150 for three days, or $200 for 4 days etc etc. Each additional guest must pay $150.00 for the minimum three days. ABSOLUTELY NO DAY GUEST and no switching of guest, everyone must pay for a minimum of three days. (We are not subject to federal vacation rental laws because we only have one unit)... Therefore Any violation of unpaid guest, cats, birds, dogs including service dogs subjects you and your guest to substantial $2000.00 fine and or immediate eviction if fine is not paid immediately. No frat parties, big wedding parties or excessive drinking parties , no drunken loud or disruptive behavior. No music or radios, kegs or open bars on the river. We don't mind a drink or two but abusive excessive drinking has caused way to much damage and disruption to our home and our neighbors so we have had to establish new rules. We are a family vacation home retreat where you can have the best that is offered anywhere in the world and our home is big enough for everyone to be under one roof.

Please read our wonderful 5 star Reviews, they tell it better than we can. We specialize in Family and Friends reunions, birthdays, Corp retreats, special ceremonies and team events. We can handle you Special Waterfront Memorial and Bereavement Gatherings. We can help with all your needs including catering with really great food. We have a big comfortable grassy beach front with docks, bonfires pits and the best rope swing on the entire Rainbow River. We have a full game room and a basketball hoop. We light up the river and the waterfront at night. Our home is very very large, its clean, comfortable, well equipped and if we don't have it we will get it for you. We live close by to accommodate your every wish. You can do great all niters and campouts around the bonfire. Always call a day before your arrival. Our Check In is 5 PM and Check Out is 10 AM. Our neighborhood quiet outside time is from 10:00 PM to 9:30 AM. This is our whisper time where all outside beach front, upper deck loud talk, noise and loud activities must be lowered.

You don't have to stand in long hot lines or travel two hours each day to pickup and return your boats, kayaks and equipment because we have it all and its free. We don't try to cram 20 to 60 guest in a small 3 or 4 bedroom home with two bathrooms. Our Giant 5 story multi decked waterfront home has 12 rooms and 8 bathrooms and there is no crowding. Our home was designed for your large family and friends making your stay the best gathering ever. We know that Large reunions need plenty of room for everyone to eat together in comfort and then guest want to spread out, we provide that with lots of comfortable areas inside and outside. PLEASE NOTE: All Our Summers and holidays book out very early, so if a date is important then book it as early as you can. Again...We have an arrival time of 5 PM and departure time of 10 AM. These times cannot be changed unless additional fees are paid and agreed to by the owners.

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